Various facilities

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Auditorium for 50 people – Saab Cabinet


3 group working rooms, fixed AV equipment and daylight.

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Cabinet Wellamo for 58 people and Waltikka for 82 people


Connected to the main restaurant. Can be closed off from each other and from the restaurant with movable walls. The cabinets are also suitable for receptions and small-scale functions. There are also two group work rooms with space for 10 participants each

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Sauna ja sauna cabinet

We have a sauna for 1–20 guests, another sauna for 2–10 guests and a swimming pool and jacuzzi. Saunas can be interconnected.

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Large conference room – Crusell for 245 people


Amphitheatre-shaped auditorium, excellent acoustics. Pleasant, high-backed upholstered chairs with writing tablets

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Liljelund exhibition hall


325 m2 exhibition space. Rented in sections. Daylight. Can be connected to the Kemppi and Nervander meeting rooms

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Additionally we also have meeting room Nervander for 30 people.

Daylight. Tables can be arranged according to needs.